To start things off, “GMO” stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. These can range from organisms created in labs (think cloned sheep) to what companies now are using for our food. In order for crops including (but not limited to) corn, rice, soy, tomatoes and sugarcane to remain living while pesticides are sprayed to kill all unwanted weeds, scientists began changing the DNA makeup of the seeds prior to planting.

Since it is not easy to break into a DNA strand, the new intended molecular structure must be able to first enter the strand and then encourage reproduction. Scientists found the best way to do this was to attach viruses (such as E.Coli) and antibiotics to carry the new intended DNA strand into the overall structure.

This means that in all genetically modified food we consume, we are also consuming small amounts of viruses as well as antibiotics. After years of consumption, one can only hope to not contract an illness requiring antibiotics, to which he or she is now immune.

The Land

The production of GMO foods does a great deal of harm to the earth.  Since the new super GMO crops are resistible to chemical pesticides, mass production farms can spray the land with as much of the chemical as they like. This changes the make up of the soil, kills off all other plant life, creates an unlivable environment for worms and other indigenous microorganisms (which are needed for healthy soil) and takes away from the relationship between man and land.

The seeds generated by the new GMO crop are not able to be used for a second harvest. Because of the genetic modification of the original crop seed, the plant is unable to produce healthy “offspring” therefor increasing the cost of crop production while wiping out healthy reproductive plants.

The mass production of GMO crops began in the 1990s, long before the time needed for scientists to determine any harmful side effects. Now it seems we are the subjects of the world’s largest science project.


About kbalog14

A city girl with a farm attitude. Trying to inform the masses and change how we think about our food- the most personal choices we make on a daily basis.

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  1. Great topic darling! I can’t wait to hear more about all you’ve learned this summer and how I can use it to live a truly healthy and environmentally moral lifestyle. Thank you for bringing your knowledge to me! I am still toying with the idea of following in your footsteps to a farm in Hawaii myself.
    Now, down to business. I thought they extract the gene out of the virus or bacteria before they reinsert it into the plant’s DNA. Of course they probably can’t entirely remove the virus or bacterial DNA, (maybe Russel could comment here) Anyway it is important to note that this is the way that we manufacture most antibiotics and actually almost all drugs.
    Also not being able to use the seed from GMO crops is a corporate method to force farmers to rely on them to buy their seeds every year when before they could just use the seeds that were part of their typical harvest. I didn’t realize that you actually couldn’t use the seed from GMO products. I am not entirely against them even so, but you can take that as a challenge to convince me. In college I remember learning that GMO crops are the best way to provide nutrition to empoverished societies whose staple product is rice which has virtually no nutrition. The whole Golden rice product was a GMO engineered to contain vitamins and nutrients or something along those lines. But there are other risks to GMO’s and I’m pretty sure in the US they dont even have to label products GMO.
    Finally, I thought the point of inserting a pest resistant gene was so that you didn’t need to spray the plant with chemicals and pesticides in the first place! Of course therein lies the problem with super bugs and super resistance pests….my main reason for opposing GMO’s.

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